February 16, 2010

Successful people continually learn

Devastate the cup.

In a full cup it is impossible to add something.

A man who believes that he is nothing more to learn, quickly lose flexibility and not be able to move forward.

The present sign of the adult person is the relation to all event as to possibility to study.

Even the teachers learn.

February 15, 2010

Evironment makes the man

Please contact with positive-minded people.

In which you can learn and that will not deplete your energy complaining and bad mood.

Cultivate relationships with those who are committed to continuous improvement and strives to achieve a better life.

By doing so you will find a lot of companions on the way to achieving their goals.

February 12, 2010

No Way to Happiness, happiness is the way

For a long time it seemed to me that real life is about to begin.

But on the way always proved obstacles.

Always something to be done, unfinished business, debts, different worries.

I thought that when this is over, then begin the real life.

Eventually I realized that all of these obstacles is the life.

These words helped me to understand that there is no way to happiness.

Happiness - is the Way.

So appreciate every moment.

Remember, time waits for no one.

Stop waiting until then, when you finish school, when you return from vacation, when you lose 10 pounds, when you get 10 pounds, when the children leave your home when you start working when you retire, when you marry until you buy a new house, to spring, until summer, until fall, until winter, when unemployment benefits end when you have finished drinking, when you die.

There is no better time to be happy, than now.

February 10, 2010

Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your assistance

When you look boldly in the face of reality and courageously step forward to assist you in achieving your goals came different unseen forces.

Your willingness to act, not stagnate, attracted to your aid all the forces of the universe.
Act as if failure is impossible, and it really becomes impossible.

This is one of the most important principles of success.

When you know that success will be guaranteed, should you just start to act, and a lot of forces begins to support you and move forward to implementation of your desires.

If in doubt, remove all doubts and act as if failure is impossible.

February 9, 2010

Sow the seeds of goodness

Everything in the world based on the principle of exchange.

All that you give, comes back to you tenfold, reproduction.

If you have sown the seeds of goodness, the harvest will return a hundredfold.

It always remains true: whether it is money that you give in donations, or the love that you give, or something good that you create.

And, whatever you try, you can not change the law of the universe.

So, exit the house and perform some good deed without reason.

Without a doubt, awaits you in life even greater prosperity.

February 8, 2010

Hunt for ideas

During the day all of us to attend the inspiration and great ideas.

Put a set of cards in your wallet and a pen to write these ideas.

When you come home, put the cards in a conspicuous place, and watch them from time to time.

The human mind, which increased to a new idea never returns to the original size.

February 6, 2010

Perseverance is the key to success

Perseverance is the key to survival.

Urgent quest inevitably leads to success.

To achieve results, not enough to know what to do.

Ability must be combined with energy.

Without a hammer nails are useless.

Knowledge must be supplemented by courage.

February 4, 2010

Infringement of agreements with itself

The stress arises when agreements with themselves are broken.

You can reduce it only if you comply with these agreements, or cancel them, or renew them on new conditions.

But you will not manage to renew those agreements about which you have forgotten.

Because memory of the person, does not do distinctions between the past, the present and future.

All cases that need to be done, placed there, begin to put pressure on you.

They should be realised, and are kept so that to facilitate pressure upon you.

February 3, 2010

Successful people are masters of interpretation

No one can offend or insult you without your permission.

One of gold keys fortunately and to the big success is your interpretation of events.

The people who have achieved the big success, are masters of interpretation.

The people who have achieved greatness, have developed at themselves ability to interpret negative events as a positive call which helps them to grow and move ahead upwards on a success ladder.

There is no negative experience, there is only an experience which promotes your development and strengthens your character that you could rise on new heights.

There are no failures, there are only lessons which we from them take.

February 2, 2010

Make a free space for success

Prosperity laws operate by a principle of filling of empty space.

The nature does not suffer emptiness and always aspires to fill with its good.

It is impossible to put a thing in a hand if the hand compresses already something in a fist.

To attract good, get rid of the bad and make room for good.

If you decide to buy new clothes, first loosen your wardrobe from old clothes, sacrificing her shelter for the homeless.

If you dream to meet a loved one, you must first get rid of any other humiliating for you to relationships that you now have.

If you can not achieve the things you want, ask yourself.

That you continue to hold, with what you need to leave.

January 29, 2010

Find out their mission

As soon as you will open for yourselves the mission, the success will find you.

As soon as you will start to perform work which is your real destination, the Universe will start to help you.

So, universe laws work.

Carrying out the mission, you start to work with passionate hobby, diligence and selflessness.

And as you come with such orientation of thoughts, your work is carried out at unusually high level, with achievement of amazing results.

All people, not realising that, are in constant search of the of "the higher mission», great idea.

When you carry out the mission, people feel presence of this higher force and wish to be its part.

You become the person, attractive for influential people, and already together with them go to success, prosperity.

January 28, 2010

The laughter does miracles

Laugh five minutes every morning before a mirror.

The laughter makes active many useful elements in our organism.

The laughter also returns an organism in the balanced condition.

Laughter therapy it is regularly used for treatment of various diseases and is a surprising medicine for vital problems.

The child at the age of 4 years laughs on the average 500 times a day, and the adult hardly does it 15 times a day.

Recover a habit to laugh, and your life becomes more live.

January 27, 2010

Much depends on the strength of

The ability to recognize their own strength, or force other people is extremely important for your success in the negotiations.

Often you have a more powerful force than expected.

And the other person often has less power than trying to demonstrate.

You must clearly understand the real possibilities of both sides.

People forces having more, real or imagined, reach the best results at any negotiations.

January 25, 2010

Concentrate on the purpose

Concentrate on the purpose, instead of result.

In other words, do business because you like to do it or because it will help someone or because this valuable exercise.

Do not do it for the sake of money or a recognition.

It will come by itself.

Stability at different levels

Our work and life proceed at various levels of the appendix of efforts.

And when on one of them the disorder, it distracts energy and concentration to the detriment of all the rest until the problem will not be solved.

When things are balanced, there is a natural and stable stream of creative energy which is applicable to any level of concentration of our efforts.

Stability at one level causes creative inspiration on other.

January 22, 2010

Freedom in your life

In a life you are free only so, your choice is how much wide.

Your freedom and happiness, are defined by number of alternative variants.

The these variants are more thoroughly worked, the it is more than freedom you have.

If your actions do not bring expected fruits, you will be ready to be switched to something another.

Process of working out of alternative variants develops in you clearness of thinking.

Than there are more than variants you consider, especially free and flexible you can be on a way to the purpose.

The more at you variants, the above probability of that one of them will appear effective and will allow you to reach an object in view.

January 21, 2010

Management of time is a management of a life

Do not allow trifles to distract you from the important things.

Wonder: whether «I Use the time and energy in the best way?».

Management of time is a management of a life, therefore concern time with the big care.

January 20, 2010

End of not complete affairs

End of open questions, be it the basic projects or simply boxes with dust which we should disassemble, paves the way for occurrence of purer, clear and full energy, for performance something new.

We often are not assured, than it is necessary to be engaged in the following turn.

In this case simply clear or execute something for you obvious and being nearby.

And it is fast you will have energy and clearness of understanding that is the following.

You clear away a deck for more effective work on all directions.

Process the basket of entering materials, e-mail, or put things in order in the basic box of the table.

To you all should be made it sometime.

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